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Through this course, you will master everything you need to ace the case and fit portions of the interview. We cover evaluation criteria, frameworks, market sizing, Finance 101, and common fit interview questions. Beyond the core 6-hour course, we also share 10+ hours of live case and fit interviews, along with 40+ cases, exhibit drills, and financial statements.

What’s included?

Video Duration
Case Interview Introduction 06:23
Case interview evaluation criteria & scorecard 04:10
Prepmatter case interview scorecard
Candidate-led versus interviewer-led cases 07:45

Video Duration
Introduction to frameworks 06:05
Clarify the prompt 03:30
Create an easy-to-navigate structure 03:06
Make sure your framework is MECE 02:30
Investigate case-specific areas 04:07
Lead with qualitative analysis 07:55
Introduction to Prepmatter frameworks 04:17
Framework #1: Market Entry 04:43
Framework #2: Investment 04:27
Framework #3: M&A 03:48
Framework #4: Product / Service Launch 05:14
Framework #5: Growth Strategy 04:03
Framework #6: Competitive Response Strategy 04:36
Framework #7: Profitability 06:37
Framework #8: Pricing 05:27
Framework #9: Operations 05:34
Framework #10: Public / Social Impact 06:45

Video Duration
Introduction to market sizing 04:05
Top-down marketing sizing questions 26:54
Bottom-up market sizing questions 18:30
Hybrid market sizing questions 09:13

Video Duration
Taking effective notes 04:01

Video Duration
Prepmatter financial statements
Finance & Accounting 101 13:58

Video Duration
Fit interview introduction 03:31
Fit interview evaluation criteria 03:35
McKinsey's PEI 03:37

Video Duration
Commonly asked fit interview questions 04:30
Tell me about yourself 06:54
Why consulting? 05:09
Tell me about a time... 08:02
Suggested examples for students and recent grads 02:01
Questions to ask your interviewer 03:42

Video Duration
Template to draft your fit interview responses

Video Duration
Standing out the day of your interview 02:44
Phone screens and virtual interviews 04:02
How to send a thank you note 03:30
When to follow up after an interview 03:55
Deciding between multiple offers 04:21
Negotiating a management consulting offer 03:09

Case Industry Function Duration
Fresco Consumer Goods Market Entry 30:19
Garage & Mechanic Automotive Investment 22:52
Italiamart Retail M&A 28:13
Pudong Hospital Healthcare Product/Service Launch 34:29
Mass Energy Energy Growth Strategy 34:16
DADs Gym Retail Competitive Response Strategy 26:42
Demilour Consumer Goods Profitability 26:57
Aerobase Travel & Tourism Pricing 34:33
Kobayashi Financial Services Operations 26:32
Online Education Education Public/Social Impact 32:30

Video Duration
Tell me about yourself. 01:32
Why do you want to join this firm? 01:40
What are the key skills needed in consulting? 01:02
Tell me about a time when you had a conflict with a manager/direct report/client. 03:22
Tell me about a time when you influenced a group. 02:57
Tell me about a time when you changed someone’s mind. 02:47
What are the biggest challenges you would face as a consultant here? 01:30
Are you interviewing with other firms? 01:07
Tell me what you envision as a typical day in consulting. 01:38

Video Duration
Tell me about yourself. 01:15
Why consulting? 02:02
What would your manager say are your biggest strengths and weaknesses? 05:48
Tell me about a time when you had to communicate an unpopular decision. 03:16
Tell me about a time when you overcame a challenge. 03:53
Tell me about a time when you pushed the boundaries to do something different. 03:11
Can you detail your data analytics proficiency? 02:46
Tell me about a time when you were under a lot of pressure. 03:52

Video Duration
Tell me about yourself. 01:51
Why should we hire you? 01:48
Why would you like to move to this country/office? 01:15
Tell me about a time when you made a mistake. 02:37

Case Industry Function Duration
Agrifarm Chemicals Agribusiness Pricing
Anderson & Co Healthcare Pricing
BYB Foods Consumer Goods M&A
Cemio Building Materials Profitability
CKL Software Technology, Media & Telecom Pricing
Coffee Works Retail Product/Service Launch
Colombia Trucks Automotive Market Entry
Cosmotov Plastic Surgery Center Healthcare Growth Strategy
DADs Gym Retail Competitive Response Strategy
Demilour Consumer Goods Profitability
Dial Cell Technology, Media & Telecom Product/Service Launch
Fresco Consumer Goods Market Entry
Garage & Mechanic Automotive Investment
Italiamart Retail M&A
Ideas Corp Technology, Media & Telecom M&A
Gobain Glass Consumer Goods Profitability
Kobayashi Financial Services Operations
Kobe Gas Energy Investment
Lake City Economic Development Public/Social Impact
M-préstimo Financial Services Market Entry
Mass Energy Energy Growth Strategy
MCB Machinery Industrial Goods Operations
Melhor Energia Energy Market Entry
Milano Pizza Retail Product/Service Launch
Mining Investment Partners Metals & Mining Market Entry
MyStay Travel & Tourism Competitive Response Strategy
Aerobase Travel & Tourism Pricing
Old English Agribusiness Pricing
Online Education in Australia Education Public/Social Impact
Patel Petroleum Energy Profitability
Pudong Hospital Healthcare Product/Service Launch
RTS Theaters Media & Entertainment Product/Service Launch
Sa Dong and MS Technology, Media & Telecom M&A
Myshave Consumer Goods Product/Service Launch
Sonego Consumer Goods Operations
T&A Group Miscellaneous Profitability
Tourisme Mobile Travel & Tourism Product/Service Launch
Wadi Airways Travel & Tourism Market Entry
World Development Bank Financial Services Public/Social Impact
Yellowfin Tuna Climate and Environment Public/Social Impact

Case Industry Function Duration
Exhibit Drills - Questions
Exhibit Drills - Answers

Case Industry Function Duration
Structuring Drills Questions and Answers

What our trainees say

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