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BCG Online Case Assessment (Chatbot)

Many BCG offices have recently shifted to the Online Case Assessment (Chatbot) to better simulate the "real-life" case experience, which is the most ideal way to assess candidates’ core consulting skills, such as problem solving & insight, and communication & presence.

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Sample Chatbot Case

What is included?

BCG Online Assessment (Chatbot) package includes 8 case studies covering market entry, investment, M&A, product launch, growth strategy, competitive response strategy, profitability and pricing. Each case study is carefully crafted by former BCG consultants and is adaptive to the test taker’s answers to give you the perfect simulation of your upcoming assessment. Many Prepmatter trainees also use these chatbot cases for self-study. 

Assessment Details

The Chatbot-led assessment opens with a short prompt explaining the client’s situation and request. Following this, the Chatbot (Casey) prompts applicants to answer 8-10 questions, which they cannot go back to once they have been answered.

Questions include how to frame the solution to the client’s question, profitability (or any other numerical) analysis, estimation, exhibit interpretation, and so on. Candidates have the chance to either the right answer from a set of multiple choices, or write in a free text form.

The final section requires candidates to record a 1-minute video presenting their recommendation. Numerous Prepmatter candidates reported that the assessment feels just like a case study, except it’s with an AI interviewer.

The purpose of the BCG Online Case Assessment

We often get asked what is the purpose of the AI-driven BCG Online Case Assessment? Why did BCG feel compelled to add this step to the applicant winnowing process? There are two reasons. The first is financial. Like McKinsey and Bain, BCG receive an overwhelming number of applications each year. The online Case Assessment chatbot provides a cost-effective way to reduce the number of applicants that move on to expensive face-to-face interviews.

The second reason behind implementing the BCG Online Case Assessment chatbot is that it enhances the degree of objectivity involved in the recruitment process. And objectivity is something the top firms place a premium on. Yes, different cases are presented to different candidates, but the metrics used to assess those candidates stay the same.

Some Fast Facts About the BCG Online Case Assessment

  • The Online Case Assessment is conducted using an AI interface (the chatbot) that posits questions related to specific business cases.
  • There are typically 8-10 questions related to a hypothetical case that is intended to mirror the type of situations business consultants face on a daily basis.
  • The BCG Chatbot Case Assessment is 30 minutes in length and, once started, cannot be paused.
  • At the end of the Q&A session, the candidate is given the chance to produce a 1-minute video detailing their recommendations.
  • Questions can take the form of multiple-choice, fill-in, or open format questions.
  • The chatbot will review your answers and compute a score. You will also be evaluated on your communication skills.
  • The Chatbot Assessment does not test for leadership, entrepreneurial drive or personal impact. Such assessments are reserved for the in-person interview.
  • The Online Assessment can be done from your home on your laptop or PC as long as you have a working webcam.

If you hope to progress to the next stage of the BCG recruitment process it will be imperative you engage in BCG Online Case Assessment practice. Prepmatter can help.

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