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Comment by Paige
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This course is the best! It's so helpful and provides the perfect learning course. On top of that, Deniz is incredibly kind!
Comment by Ali
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The course begins with a solid foundation in case interviews. "Case Interviews 101" and the "Prepmatter frameworks" provided me with a clear understanding of what to expect and how to approach different case scenarios. The "Market Sizing" and "Note taking" modules were particularly beneficial in helping me develop structured and efficient problem-solving techniques. Additionally, "Finance & Accounting 101" offered crucial insights into the financial aspects of case studies.Overall, "Get the Offer" is a comprehensive and highly effective course that prepared me from A to Z for case interviews and beyond. It not only boosted my confidence but also significantly enhanced my consulting skills. I highly recommend this course to anyone aspiring to secure a consulting position.
Comment by Gage
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Fantastic course - provides helpful materials that are key to prepare for actual interviews. Additionally, coaching allows you to best simulate the actual interview experience.
Comment by Iulia
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I highly recommend this course for its comprehensive and concise content. It covers everything needed to secure the interview, from theoretical visual videos and exercise materials to various live example videos.
Comment by Cagla
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I recently enrolled in Prepmatter's Get the Offer course, and I cannot speak highly enough about the transformative experience it provided.It was evident that this course was meticulously crafted with a deep understanding of the consulting industry. The comprehensive curriculum covers everything from how to take effective notes during a case interview to various types of frameworks to be used in numerous case interview recordings that were very similar to what was asked in the MBB interviews I attended.In addition to that, my Prepmatter coach, Deniz, took the time to understand my unique career goals and challenges, tailoring the course to address my specific needs. The personalized feedback on my mock case interviews was not only constructive and transformative but also eye-opening. It gave me a clear roadmap for improvement and boosted my confidence significantly.As a result of completing the course, I not only secured multiple job offers but also felt more empowered and prepared for future career advancements. Prepmatter has been a game-changer in my career journey, and I wholeheartedly recommend their courses to anyone looking to stand out in the consultancy world.
Comment by Adriana
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This course is a game-changer for interview preparation. The material is exceptionally organized, straight to the point, and effectively aggregates crucial information. It really helped me ace my interview.
Comment by Javid
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Great resource to prepare for your upcoming interview. Both beginners and experienced candidates can benefit by forming a strong foundation or shaping an established approach. Do not forget to practice what you have learned!
Comment by Sajjad
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Very comprehensive course with videos, written cases, and drills that you can practice. This is the place for you to learn everything about case interviews and enhance your skills.
Comment by Amer
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The course has been extremely helpful. The way the frameworks are presented and the level of detail for each of those make them easy to understand. The course helped a lot in my casing and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their casing techniques and skills.